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Presence – Ann-Marie Rayney

24 Apr

Ann-Marie Rayney

Printmaking is, first and foremost, a means of reproduction. Using printmaking, my work is concerned with undermining this idea of producing copies, of this homogenous spread of visual information. Either through labour intensive woodcuts, or fleeting moments of gestural activity caught in a monotype, I want to always produce something unique. Not only this, but I want to explore what it is we are looking at, whether through pushing an image to abstraction through means of reproduction, or looking to emphasize the blurred and ambiguous images that are always pushed to the background in magazines, in photo shoots, even advertisements. I want to slow people down and just let them take a moment with something, to wonder at what something could be.

You can find some of her work here

and some of her ramblings here


Red Bull Studios – Studio Gallery Update : Presence

13 Mar–Presence-021243170720662

Studio Gallery Update: Presence

Outside the Gallery
Goldsmiths University

Last Friday six super talented Fine Art and History of Art students kicked off the first Goldsmiths Debuts show held at the Red Bull Studios gallery space. This private view marked the start of a partnership between the south London University and Red Bull Studios. As part of the exhibition artists explored the theme of presence looking at the physical relationship between objects and places. The images below show work by emerging artists and designers: Ann-Marie Rayney, Joanna Ng Shuhui, Jack Lloyd-Jones, Hannah Hood, Siew Ching Ang and Chris Roussel.

Red Bull Studios will be running one event a month until the student’s final show in June.  Check out Lacuna opening this Thursday March 1st at the studios.

Jack Lloyd-Jones


Chris Rousell


Joanna Ng Shuhui


Ann-Marie Rayney (left) and Chris Rousell (right).


More infomation on the next Goldsmiths Debuts: Lacuna

Goldsmiths Debuts: Presence Private View – Photos Part 6

29 Feb

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29 Feb

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