Goldsmiths Debuts – Lacuna, Private View Today !!!

1 Mar

exploring the space between artifice and reality

The everyday is the most universal and the most unique condition, the most social and the most individual, the most obvious and the best hidden. – Henri Lefebvre

March 1, 2012 | 18:00 – 21:30
Our experience of everyday life is one of chance meetings and interactions. The work shown in LACUNA explores these encounters, particularly within narrative and tangible space. Concerned with the construction of these spaces, the artists have investigated the interface between truth and fiction through various mediums.
The Artists
Yolanda Hanson works predominantly with medium format photography. She explores ideas around preservation and the boundaries of documentary through studies of particular sites in London.
Joyce Teo makes sculptures and writes about the encounter of objects. She deals with the translation of things between physical & imaginary space and its resultant poetic potential.
Lisa Stein’s seemingly superimposed photographs challenge the medium’s relationship to film as well as painting. They betray the viewer, who is forced to discern the boundary between construction and coincidence.
Maggie Stewart is a landscape painter; or is she? Opposed to viewing her paintings as such, rather they are spaces that handle relations between subject and object, attempting to displace the beholder and undermine prescribed notions of the genre.
Matthew Silcox’s collages scrape the barrel of mass culture to question the accuracy with which our lives are
represented, and challenge the realism of the aspirations to which we are encouraged to subscribe. He forms one half of
MarloinWIFEX, his work can be seen at
Goldsmiths Debuts is a series of preliminary exhibitions by students of BA Fine Art / History of Art, supported by Red Bull and hosted at Red Bull Studios, 155 – 171 Tooley Street SE1.


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