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Embodiment: Thursday 3rd May (Red Bull Studios)

29 Jan

Thursday 3rd May 6pm – 9.30pm


  • Robert Briggs
  • Ryan Brown
  • Jeremy Doulton
  • Kathryn Edwards
  • Emily Hawkesford
  • Nick Horton
  • Victoria Proffitt

Music: Muscle Planet and  Ron Jetson (live performance 20.00)


Utterance: Thursday 5th April (Red Bull Studios)

29 Jan

Thursday 5th April 6pm – 9:30 pm


  • Jill Chong
  • Shabana Frusciante
  • Emma Massoud
  • Zehra Naqvi
  • Ariel Ruvinsky
  • Peter Voss-Knude
  • Karen Yeh

Music: Jack Lloyd Jones (DJ set)

Lacuna: Thursday 1st March (Red Bull Studios)

29 Jan

Thursday 1st March 6pm – 9:30 pm


  • Yolanda Hanson
  • Matthew Silcox
  • Lisa Stein
  • Maggie Stewart
  • Joyce Teo

Music: Kashmir Kid (DJ set)

Presence: Friday 24th February (Red Bull Studios)

29 Jan

Friday 24th Feb 6pm- 9.30pm

List of Artists:-

  • Siew Ching Ang
  • Hannah Hood
  • Jack Lloyd – Jones
  • Ann-Marie Rayney
  • Chris Roussel
  • Joanna Ng Shuhui

Music: Dead Days Beyond Help (Band)  8pm-9pm


29 Jan

From February to May, Red Bull Studios are hosting  Goldsmiths Debuts, a series of exhibitions curated by and featuring Fine Art and History of Art students from Goldsmiths, University of London. These exhibitions are themed around commonalities in the student/artists work and will open on the first Thursday of each month, in the lead up to Goldsmiths’ Fine Art and History of Art degree show in June 2012. April’s exhibition, ‘Utterance’, will include artists who are interested in the complications of communication, be it the role played by such in Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s founding of Pakistan, or the “monastic sensibilities of repetition, ritual and surrender” (Ariel Ruvinsky). These events aim to encourage dialogue and support between art student-graduates and an audience wider than the traditional gallery-going public.