Goldsmiths Debuts – Embodiment, Private View Today !!!

3 May


Goldsmiths Debuts presents its fourth and final exhibition:
Private View | 3rd May 2012 | 18:30 – 21:00
Exhibition continues | 4th – 8th May 11 am – 5 pm

| Ryan Brown | Kathryn Edwards | Robert Briggs |
Emily Hawkesford | Victoria Proffitt | Nick Horton
Music from | Muscle Planet and Ron Jetson
The work presented herein cannot be described in simple terms. Just as embodiment encompasses the embrace of anything, the realisation of something and the physicality of ideas, so do the works that are on display throughout the show. The artists of Embodiment encompass a wide range of themes, yet each embodies their work with the physicality of them. From the exploration of painting as a barrier, an attempt at perfection in representation and as a way of simply emptying out; the fascination with the future of man kind, its vulnerability, and how by limiting its surroundings, how it will cope with the future its created for itself; the portraiture of inaccessibility, the uncertain and the unknowable; the opening up of knowledge, the evolution and past and future history of animals; the relationship between the artist in authority and the viewer, the rituals of viewing and the histories of perspectives; to the visceral nature of all things, the show Embodiment embraces all these things and brings them to the foreground; making them tangible to all and allowing the viewer to experience something new.
Goldsmiths Debuts is a series of preliminary exhibitions by students of BA Fine Art and History of Art, supported by Red Bull and hosted at Red Bull Studios, 155-171 Tooley Street, SE1.



Red Bull Studios (London) Events – Goldsmiths Debuts : Embodiment

2 May–Embodiment-021243201299862

Event Details

Red Bull Studios, London
MAY 3, 2012 at 6:00 PM
MAY 3, 2012 at 9:30 PM
This Thursday Red Bull Studios will host the final exhibition for the Goldsmiths curated series Presence. The show gives third year Fine Art and History of Art undergraduates the opportunity to preview their collection before their degree show in June.

The final viewing, Embodiment, encompasses the embrace of anything; the realisation of something and the physicality of ideas.

Look out for pieces by:

Ryan Brown

Kathryn Edwards

Robert Briggs

Emily Hawkesford

Victoria Proffitt

Nick Horton

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For more information on the event visitGoldsmiths.wordpress or find them on Facebook

Tomorrow Is The Launch Of Embodiment !!!

2 May

3 Days Till The Launch Of Embodiment !!!

1 May


10 Days Till The Launch Of Embodiment !!!!

24 Apr

Presence – Ann-Marie Rayney

24 Apr

Ann-Marie Rayney

Printmaking is, first and foremost, a means of reproduction. Using printmaking, my work is concerned with undermining this idea of producing copies, of this homogenous spread of visual information. Either through labour intensive woodcuts, or fleeting moments of gestural activity caught in a monotype, I want to always produce something unique. Not only this, but I want to explore what it is we are looking at, whether through pushing an image to abstraction through means of reproduction, or looking to emphasize the blurred and ambiguous images that are always pushed to the background in magazines, in photo shoots, even advertisements. I want to slow people down and just let them take a moment with something, to wonder at what something could be.

You can find some of her work here

and some of her ramblings here

Goldsmiths Debuts: Utterance Private View – Photos Part 6

11 Apr